This site has been designed to give a flavour of my style of photography.

I enjoy using both traditional silver halide (Film) based photography,  i.e 35mm, 120 medium format, 5"x4, 5x7", 10"x8" large format photography; Black & White, Colour Negative (C41), Colour Reversal (E6) and the latest professional canon digital equipment.

All my images both film and digital are printed on silver halide gelatin papers which are archive stable unlike these inkjet prints nowadays that will fade after a few years regardless of what hype and promises the large manufacturer's claim. Their tests are done in laboratory controlled conditions, not in the real world.

Black & White either from negative or a digital image always looks much better printed on traditional Fibre Based (FB) Ilford photographic paper. The image displays a much better tonal range from black's to white. I prefer my colour images to be printed via the RA4 (Chemical) process on Kodak Endura paper.

I enjoy restoring old photographs.

I hope you enjoy the Photographic Formula's part of my website, I hope you find the information useful, please use these formulas often as you want.